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    2015 - 02.02

    Hey there :)

    I always say hi as if I’m writing this to someone but I’m mostly using this as my journal while I’m away from home..anywho here are some tales from January 2015 spent in Melbourne otherwise known as the goon chronicles!

    Quick recap on Christmas, it was lovely spent having a BBQ, on the beach with thousands of other people in Santa hats, drinking $3 wine and playing horrible drunk piano-it was awesome fun :)

    Then New Years was spent with 2 girlfriends who came down from Adalaide. We rode shopping carts down the road, ran into the only other friends we had in the country, went with them to a house party then walked what felt like miles to another house tried to played drinking games but we’re too drunk. Put our feet in a cold hot tub, tried warming up in a shower, fell down, fell asleep- another success!

    Most of our days in early to mid January were spent at our temporary home in Thornbury playing up the river down the river (card game), drinking cheap wine and trying not to get skin cancer. It’s true the sun here is dangerously deceiving. It must be true there is less ozone here cuz we’ve got burns in minutes and not realized. We’ve gone through more sunscreen then predicted and I’ve taken to giant sun hats.

    January 6th was my birthday, a summer birthday for a change :) We made delicious nachos and went out to a couple bars to check out the scene. It was a Tuesday so nothing too crazy was going on. We did manage to steal a sombrero from a bar and the number 9 from a gas station and make a friend.

    The summer so far in Melbourne hasn’t been overly hot however there were a few days of plus 40 (almost typed minus out of Canadian habit lol). The days in the plus 40s is about as debilitating as the days of minus 40s back home. You can’t really leave your house, you have to shut every Window and curtain and hole yourself up inside and if you leave the house even to walk down the house you pack a backpack of survival items (water and suncreen).

    We realized it’s a really small world. We met a comedian from Toronto who we had many mutual friends with as well as a guy from Calgary who’s in an improv troupe there who knew the girl that runs the improv troupe we work with. One degree of separation halfway round the world-so random! We met another comedian who was living in Edmonton for the past year but who’s from Aus and we didn’t meet him until we got here. . How bizarre.

    We went to the Melbourne Museum which was cool, we’ve been playing at some cool comedy rooms around the city getting our name out there and making some connections.

    Got frustrated one night because we’d been trying to get on the same open mic for 4 weeks but it’s a random draw to get on and we haven’t randomly got drawn yet. So in our disappointment decided to make the best of the night. Grabbed and box of goon, took the guitar and headed to the beach on and very warm night. Met up with a friend played some songs, drank, peed in the ocean, made friends with other skinny dippers on the beach, danced to the maccarena with no pants, and motorboated a woman on the beach who lived in Toronto for a while and liked us for our Canadian accents. Oh what a night!

    Went on a lez cruise ship for a night where I ate the equivalent of 3 pizzas and danced the night away with some lovely ladies. Went to the Australia Day Parade in Melbourne (which is just a people March no floats!) And they just call it Straya Day. Played a show that night- who puts Canadians on the Aussie Day show? Lol but it was fun.

    We had a few downs in our January journey. We’ve been relying on Air Bnb for our living month to month and the day before we were supposed to move into our January place the guy cancelled on us. Luckily we found a last minute place but not in an area we ever wanted to live.. so we decided since we didn’t really want to spend much time here (not just cuz the area, but because it’s literally called Tokyo Manner. My bedroom is a close they but into a small bachelor pad apartment) that we would travel up the other coast to the great barrier reef and cross another item off the bucket list!

    So we’re gearing up for that trip in 2 days. In the meantime we got word our Feb to march monthly rented was also canceled! Getting quite frustrated with people illegally subletting there places without their landlords permission.. regardless there was some moments of tension and near homelessness. Luckily the universe always creates challenges as well as opportunities. So we’re all good not homeless.. for now ;)

    Along the way, I’m learning lessons on patience, understanding and independence. For the most part I don’t feel too homesick, not to say I don’t seriously miss my family and friends but rather don’t feel the need to cry about it. Finding my backbone a bit and seeing that I can literally do anything. I’m not helpless and I don’t have to depend on anyone but myself.

    I haven’t found work yet but did get a response to my dog walker ad and I’m currently walking little Henri a 10 yr old jack Russel mix 3 times a week. So happy to have a little pooch to take care of, I do desperately miss my dogs.

    So that’s basically January, really looking forward to February. This trip is going to be beautiful. Then buckling down to work hard in preparation for the comedy fest and getting a bit more settled.

    Thanks for following my adventures whoever you are :)

    Ssmiley Ssmile!

    3 Responses to “Australia Adventures- January”

    1. Nealeen Venema says:

      Hello Kayla You gave my daughter voice lessons & I have been trying to find you. Look at that I found you..enjoying the life of an ausie. Lol guess I can’t ask if your available for private vocal lessons. Would you be able to recommend someone here in red deer. My daughter, Kaitlin is 11 quite shy. Enjoy your trip & safe travels.

    2. Rick Ottman says:

      HI kayla…..I couldn’t find any spot to post a, more ore less, random comment or two so I guess I’ll post them here!

      We share a love of The Beach Boys in general and Brian Wilson in particular and I’m envious beyond belief that you’ve met him!

      I stumbled onto your Yotube postings of Beach Boys and Brian Wilson covers quite by accident and I’m so glad I did! I think your covers are brilliant! You cover the songs with a love and respect for the original recordings but, at the same time, you make them uniquely your own and that’s a balance that’s not easy to achieve!

      Thank you for your postings and for sharing our musical gifts with us all!

      Sincerely: RICK

      • Kayla says:

        Hi Rick,

        I appreciate your comments! My love for the BB’s has always been close to my heart so when other fans like what I do I’m humbly flattered!
        The BB’s is what started my love of harmony and ultimately helped put me on the path of a career in music which I’m lucky to do!

        Thanks again :D

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