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    2015 - 10.26


    So still back in the home country of Canada, I have to say the change of seasons has really taken it easy on us! This fall has been surprisingly comfortable and warm. Haven’t had a real snow yet (knock on wood) or any crazy weather. I know the winter is coming and the days are getting shorter but I read we’re getting El Nino so fingers crossed!

    Other than the weather ( which really affects my life-clearly) I’ve been working hard on a number of things! I just performed a show with my friend at a local venue which included Beach Boys covers, as well as other bands like Foo Fighters, No Doubt, the Beatles and I performed a number of new originals I wrote!
    I was extremely excited to play this music which we’ve been rehearsing all summer. It was a very busy night and we had a lot of support from friends and family!

    I’ve also been making a video blog on a new channel “Lawja Williams”, a nickname bestowed on me long ago, that’s a comedy blog. I’m doing a playlist called “Reasons Why I’m Still Single” which are short videos of the ridiculous things I do. I completely realize that it’s barely related to why I’m still single but it’s fun! I’m embracing my weird and sometimes annoying qualities and laying it out there for you to get a laugh and for me to play!

    I’m still working hard with my comedy band “The Dirrty Show”. We’re just looking into recording a new album and all the fun things that go along with that a.k.a a shit ton of work! We’re applying to a bunch of festivals and looking into less performances but bigger, better shows, quality over quantity.

    I also teach voice/piano lessons so I have to spend time planning and working at that as well. So lots going on! Trying to keep new covers/originals coming for my music channel and I’m on a mission to write and create as much as possible. I’ve already wrote 4 or 5 new songs this month. Not all amazing and not all I will release but it’s good to keep that tool sharp. I’d also really like to try stand up comedy on my own but that’s a whole other ball game!

    So busy busy as usual. Creating, booking, planning, writing, performing, funny-ing :) And in my ‘spare’ time watching some TV series I love (write now the Office then Parks & Rec), cooking food (which I love way too much), doing yoga, writing journals, spending time outside with my dogs, hanging with friends when possible and occasionally going on some random dates..but not often because I live in ‘truck nut’ territory where the men jack their trucks up high and hang testicles from the back.. so yeah!

    Here are a couple videos
    1) part one of my comedy playlist
    2) a new Beach Boys cover

    Ssmiley Ssmile! :)

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