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    2016 - 03.31

    Well here in Canada spring is started to show her beautiful face!
    It was a very mild winter actually, very lucky but I can’t say I’m not still so happy to see all the snow nearly melted, the sun out until almost 8 and the temperatures get in the pluses!
    Lots has happened in a few months that for sure! My other project released a new album, applied and got into 3 fringe festivals that will take our whole summer and we’ll be heading back to Toronto end of April for another fest! Very exciting stuff :)
    I’ve been doing lots of writing on my own and figuring out where I want to take these songs. Recording them better is a goal but more so recording with some other musicians to fill them out is an even bigger goal. Then performing some would be great too!
    My time is also now borrowed from another person- sort of smitten with a boy who I quite like ;) Hard sometimes to stay focused on your own work when you want to spend your time frolicking and having fun! A delicate balance.

    So as the sun warms this side of the world up I’ll be writing music, performing, teaching, traveling, walking my dogs, lying in the sun, getting outdoors and getting to know another person- sounds like the makings of a good year ahead!
    Here’s my newest song, written on a ukelele which really switches things up for me who usually writes and plays only piano- very happy sounding of course.
    It’s about a boy <3
    Ssmiley Ssmile :)

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