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    2016 - 11.19

    Hey kids!

    I am horrible at updating my website it seems. Life! lol So here is an update into the happenings of Kayla:

    I had a rough patch earlier this year but got back on the positivity train and got my ass back in gear. My comedy band spent the whole summer touring with 3 different Fringe Festivals in Western Canada, which was a whole experience of it’s own! Full of ups and downs, we learned a lot and got a lot out of it.

    I’ve been really trying to push myself out of my comfort zone and say yes to every opportunity that comes my way. I worked with a band doing a ‘No Doubt’ tribute, I did an improv show and I was involved in a project called “Time Machine” recently that was musical show with a story. We performed 28 songs from 1965-1975, had an amazing 11 piece band and I was ‘The Girl’ in the love story- we sold out 4 shows!

    So far 2016 has definitely been exciting in the musical realm, I’m very grateful for all the work I got and I had SUCH an amazing time with every endeavor. In terms of my personal life it’s been a roller coaster. This was my last summer in my 20′s and fast approaching in the new year lays a new chapter- 30!
    I fully realize it’s just a number and that my 30′s will just be a better more educated 20′s but it’s certainly causing me to question a lot of things in my life and ponder what I want from this point forward.

    I absolutely plan on continuing on the musical path and my goals are to work harder to pursue making more of a ‘living’ just off of writing, recording and performing.

    So there you have it, lots and changed and in the same breath- not much! haha

    If you’re reading this you probably have been following me on this journey in some capacity online (YouTube likely) and I want to say my thanks to you. Thanks for listening to what I’m creating and a special thanks to everyone who comments and reaches out to express beautiful comments about my music. You have no idea how much it support of any kind means to me <3

    Hope you keep listening and following me!

    Ssmiley Ssmile :)

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    1. vignesh says:

      hi , i watched darling song of yours its very nice,claps, happy 30s

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