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  • Summer Vibes 2017

    2017 - 07.26

    Hello friends of myself :)

    I have been a busy beaver let me tell ya! I have about a million projects on the go, with my main comedy duo band- we’ve got festivals and other exciting things on the go. I’m in a show again called “Time Machine” which is an all oldies show, a wonderfully fun project right up my alley. I’m in a No Doubt tribute show- they are one of my fave bands! I’m also working on Kayla Williams stuff, which has been a lot of focus on my new single “One More Dose”. I have a music video on the way at the end of August and that’s when the single will be dropped. I’m so excited as it’s my first ever fully produced studio song and I’m just so proud of how it turned out :D

    I also auditioned and made it into an improv troupe for fall, I’ll just be part time but I’m quite excited to get more involved in that fun and interesting world. On top of all of that, I’ve been on a real fitness journey working out more than ever as well as biking/running my 2 dogs, hiking, paddle boarding and getting outside as much as I can because Canadian summer’s just do not last long.

    I have to say I’m incredibly “blessed” (so cliche) to have so many amazing opportunities come my way, I love music and acting and anything that involves those makes my life full and happy. I am however insanely busy, everyday there’s an endless list of tasks to tick off, I’m not complaining I enjoy it but it has made getting weekly YouTube videos out a bit more of a challenge, I’m trying my best though!

    Anyway that’s just a little insight on what’s going on in my life and why I’m so bad at social media sometimes haha

    I appreciate any and all support that comes my way and I will be calling on you fine people for that support when my new single drops! Thanks a million and one! :D
    Ssmiey Ssmile ~KAYLA~

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