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  • The BIG single “One More Dose”

    2017 - 10.12

    Hello beautiful people!

    SO it is finally out, my studio produced single “One More Dose”!!! I am beyond excited I can finally share this song and over the moon with how it turned out. There is a music video and everything which is also very exciting!

    The song stems from when I was in a pretty dark place in the aftermath of a shitty break up. Luckily, I’m far from there now! So much has come from this song, I had a sold out release show- got to work on a set of my originals with a full band! I got tons of views and comments and support and in the first month managed to get it on rotation with a TOP 40 radio station in my city! Pretty incredible! I’m going to keep working my buns off because it shows that with all that came from just 1 song, imagine the possibilities with an EP or entire album!

    I’ve been overwhelmed by the love shown to me and this single so there’s only more from here folks. More music, more recording, more songwriting and hopefully with your help more views!

    Thank you to anyone who’s been listening, following, liking, sharing, commenting- when you share the video with your circle it only expands my reach and truly means the world to me! So thank you to Graham who helped fund the recording, Heath and Greg who recorded this amazing song and made it radio quality, Melody, Jeremy and Ryan who made my music come to life on stage and Peter Michaels and Jamie Rankin who got it playing on the radio! WOW. Just wow, what a journey <3 <3 <3

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