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    2018 - 01.26

    Hey folks!

    If you’re visiting me here you’re probably curious what I am up to over here in Alberta. Let me fill you in:

    First off HAPPY NEW YEAR, 2018 is here! My birthday is Jan 6th, so this time of year is really a fresh start for me in many ways. I will say 2017 was an insane year with the most ups and downs that I’ve maybe ever experienced haha I started last year in a low after a recent break up, this catapulted me into the studio to record a single “One More Dose” in April. I was in such a depressed state for the first half of last year and songwriting was where I turned. Then I stopped drinking, starting working out consistently, did everything in my physical power to get in a better place which really did wonders. I then shot a music video, spent the summer getting ready to release the single and really enjoyed soaking up my favorite season. I released my song at a sold out local show end of August and in September “One More Dose” got on rotation at a commercial radio station here in my home city (which was and still is insane to me!). I met someone in the summer who I thought was really the most compatible match I had met and a couple months back that ended. So as you can see 2017 was really a full swinging pendulum, some personal highs and lows, professionally mostly ups.

    So now here we are in a new year and I am on a serious mission! I have worked with some side projects locally including an oldies revue, I am still working with my favorite comedy project “The Dirrty Show”, I joined an improv troupe, I’m applying for fests and performing more with my bestie from the comedy duo a “clean” show of our solo efforts combined called “Tandem Yam”, I’m playing regularly as a solo artist and with the “Kayla Williams Band”. I am working hard on a personal level with meditation, yoga, exercise and such to keep from hitting the low I did last year. I want this to be a year of Kayla. No worrying about other people, no pursuit of a relationship (other than with myself and music)- pure self development. I am going to perform music, comedy & improv. I’m going to write songs. I am going to collaborate with others. I’m going to apply for funding. I’m going to keep posting tons on YouTube. I’m going to enjoy my life with myself. Let me tell you that this is going to be a year of epic proportions.

    Kicked of 2018 by winning singer/songwriter at the Red Deer Entertainment Awards. This is just the start

    One Response to “New Year!”

    1. Richard T says:


      About a month ago I happened across a YouTube recording of yours… and have to say… wow! I can’t get enough of your music. And then I started reading your blog and web entries… and again, wow! Very, very … wow!

      I hope your 2018 has been going as you hoped in this post. Can’t wait to hear/read your next update. And I certainly hope to see you perform live!

      No doubt you hear this all the time, but I’m going to say it – “I never do this! (get all giddy over someone on line). But … first time for everything!

      Keep on doing it!

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