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    2013 - 11.23

    So if you’re here you may already know I am a musician, I love writing/recording music and I love the Beach Boys! It’s been a while since I started changing my website and I’m finally ready to update and intend to stay current.

    Let me tell you a bit about my life in the last year and about what I hope to see in my future. I’ve had a great time as a musician. I play in another band, which is a comedy/music duo and we’ve been gaining more momentum. I went on my first tour with this band and had the time of my life! We went through the province of B.C and saw the most gorgeous scenery- mountains, pure blue lakes, the ocean and lush greenery. Along the way we met some amazing people and lucked out by staying in some lovely accommodations. We got some great connections and made many folks laugh/feel uncomfortable- needless to say one of the most rewarding experiences I’ve had! We’ve played in bars, comedy clubs, theatres and festivals over the past couple years and have so many memories. We sit back many a moment and ponder on how we can get paid to have fun and be so ridiculous, truly my idea of living the (current) dream.

    In terms of other aspects of my life I’ve had a lot going on. I’m in my second year of teaching voice lessons, which has been such an experience. I’ve taught people of all ages and all skill levels. It’s sometimes trying but it has proven to be one of the most rewarding jobs I’ve had. I’m so grateful that I am able to have music be my entire income right now and that I can share music with so many people. I’ve had a lot of personal change and growth as well. It seems as I get a little older I’m learning more and more about myself and about relationships. I’m learning what I need and what I want out of life. It’s easy to lose ones focus from time to time-I’ve always been a person who goes ‘all in’ with almost everything in my life. Sometimes you stray off your path a bit to explore but hopefully you find your way back with more strength and wisdom than before. I’m taking time everyday to learn what it is I want out of this life and I’m happy I seem to be discovering more and more about how to stay on my path.

    Earlier I said current dream, why I say this is because I have dreams more grand then what I’m currently doing. I wouldn’t trade my experiences thus far but I can visualize so much more in the future. The band I play with has so much potential and I know great things are in our reach. At some point I hope I would be able to focus more on my own music, to the point that I can at least already have some people interested in what I’m doing enough to look into my own (non-comical) music. I have a passion to write, especially pop music and for some reason, slow, pretty melodies. I also love the recording process- hearing layers and layers of melodies and harmonies stack up into something huge and full and real. I would love to be in a bigger recording studio someday working with people who can teach me more about this process. Until then I will continue to work from my humble home studio :)

    I believe that there is so much in my life yet to unfold. I’ve had a couple great chapters already, filled with both good and bad but mostly of great experiences. I know there are more chapters yet to be and I know that it’s only going to be greater from here on out. In closing I’m a lucky girl- I have music, wonderful people around me, amazingly fun and rewarding jobs, two ADORABLE dogs (just sayin’) and a bright, strange and exciting future. Side note- I’m super into learning about planets/galaxies/space right now, weird right?

    Ssmiley Ssmile :D

    Brand new video-Baby Blue- Beach Boys- it’s beautiful.

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