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    2013 - 12.18


    Christmas 2013 already! Hard to believe, time really does start moving faster as you get older.
    I’ve been so busy that I haven’t really had time to think about Christmas or get in the spirit. Christmas is probably my favorite holiday too so I’m gonna need to sit down with some eggnog and Christmas lights and music or something to get into it :) Actually this year I’ll be spending Christmas in the mountains (of Alberta) which I’m very excited about. Should be the perfect setting to get that warm fuzzy feeling of the holidays, all the snow covered mountains and lights and cabins. I’m hoping to get to a hot springs which I have never done in the winter. I’d go skiing/snowboarding if I had any sense of balance, which sadly I don’t.

    As the years go by I care less and less about presents and more about spending time with my family. I luckily get the 2 weeks off because my students have it off, so I have some time to actually go home for a couple days and live like when I was a teenager (ha!), just eat and relax, talk, watch some shows, play some games, all that jazz. I then get some time with my friends for New Years and get some work done for 2014. Then bang, beginning of January is my birthday, another year gone. So lots happening this time of year. I’m hoping to hunker down and do a little writing/recording since I seem to have less and less time for it these days. I would also like to go tobogganing at some point, that’s probably the only winter activity I enjoy. I was seriously not meant for Canadian winters. The one thing I’d like as a ‘gift’ for myself is to go on a vacation :P I would also like to move outta this country for a while for next winter so we’ll see what happens, I feel great change and excitement in the air!

    Well I’m going to leave you with this video from my 2012 Christmas album. ‘Little Drummer boy’, I hope it helps you get into the spirit of Christmas!

    Ssmiley Ssmile :)

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