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    2014 - 02.14

    Valentines is upon is! This holiday essentially means not a whole lot to me- I believe if you love someone you should love them the whole year and not just a day- but I get the romantic gesture. I do love love :P

    The big event in my Valentines weekend is that I have 4 shows with a comedy troupe and I actually get to partake in some improv myself! I haven’t done it in quite some time and feel a bit rusty with only 5 rehearsals under my belt but it’s going to be a ton of fun! I’ve always loved improv, it’s so organic and amusing. Watching good improv makes it seem so effortless but in reality it’s quite challenging-to be instantly clever and funny (although I think I have a knack lol).

    I used to do musical theatre and some one act plays back in high school and actually debated pursuing drama instead of music when I was headed to college. Ultimately, music was my one true love and passion but drama takes a close second. I wish I had a bit more time, I would totally join the ‘B-Side’ improv team if I could but alas music is a full time job for me.

    Ah love, I do have a poster in my room that says ‘music is my first love’ and so true it is. Even in a relationship, music may actually come slightly higher. It’s my constant companion and I can’t imagine my life without music everyday. Hearing new music is like an unquenchable thirst, I can never get enough and I never tire of hearing the same song over and over…and over again! Then there’s the songs that stay with you always, the songs that just hit you on the first listen and you can’t shake that intense love for the music. For me, many of those songs come from the Beach Boys massive inventory- so many gems that never cease to amaze me.

    I do love love from a relationship to. I love the new feeling of being in love, I love comfortable love, I love passionate love and I love enduring and unconditional love. I’m lucky to have many people in my life who give me these types of love. What I’ve learned, and a lot over this past year, is self love. I’ve learned to spend time alone and enjoy it again and I’ve learned that there’s a lot about myself to love and to remind myself of that.

    To sum it all up- love is great so many forms! There are so many things in my life right now that I’m lucky enough to have and be doing and I have to say- I do love my life (in a completely humble way).

    To all of you out there, enjoy Valentines by yourself or with someone, have a great long family day weekend and do something nice for someone-or yourself!
    Ssmiley Ssmile :D

    A song about love that I happen to really love!

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