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    2014 - 03.28

    So it is officially Spring, although if you live in Canada you would never know it. Actually, a week or so before ‘actual’ spring it was gorgeous here (by our standards). We’re talking +6 Celsius, all the snow was pretty much melted off, I was feeling like a million bucks and then the first day of Spring hit, Mar. 20th. Of course we had a giant blizzard and it hasn’t stopped snowing since. HAHA, oh it’s almost laughable why I continue to live in such a ridiculous place! You probably don’t know me that well so you wouldn’t know how much I despise the cold and how much I feel I was not meant to be a Canadian (even though I love the health care and all the opportunities of this country has to offer- if only Canada had been in South America). I have been dreaming of the sun and living in it since I was a child. To this day one of my ‘bucket list’ goals is to live at least one year of my life without winter…we’ll see when this happens but it WILL happen! Enough about my unfortunate weather stories, let’s talk music.

    Yes it’s been a while since I’ve updated on my site, SORRY! I’m so busy it’s nuts. Last week was spent doing a mini tour to Calgary and Jasper (AB). Amazing experiences and we had such amazing shows! 400+ theatre and a bar that was so busy I could hardly get to the stage (ball to ball people in there), we sold a TON OF cd’S and got almost 100 new Facebook likes (which is pretty good for us). Of course I am referring to the comedy band that I play in and devote 50% of my life too, which is awesome, never had so much fun at shows. However, it leaves me lacking time for my own musical endeavors and when I finally have a spare moment, you can bet I’m writing my own music and recording when possible. Today I actually had some time (GLORY HALLELUJAH!)so I devoted my day to myself and my music.

    The song I’m posting on here is so new. Like today new, fresh outta this Kayla’s brain. I’ve actually written a ton of songs I just rarely have the time to record them. I so enjoy spending time recording, there’s something so methodic and therapeutic about taking a song you’ve written and producing an actual ‘song’ out of it. It’s hard to describe but I basically hear everything in my head when I write one chord progression or melody. It takes a lot of time to make it feel full but when I do take the time and record it (to the best of my abilities) I get an insane sense of accomplishment and fulfillment from it.

    So this song is called “June High”. Why you ask? Why do you say the words “let’s get high” in this song? Well I’m hardly talking about drugs. In my life I get high from so many things, namely music, summer and love. I get a literal high when I like a song, I’ll listen to it on repeat for a month, I get a high when the snow starts melting and I can feel the heat of the sun and I get a high when I feel love from another person. This is a song I imagine listening to on a long drive and feeling some kind of etheral, energetic, ‘everythings going my way and the future looks bright’ kind of day. Hope you like it- please give me some feedback, it’s been a long time since I’ve released something new (and this track is fresh, it’s a little baby and needs nurturing so any feedback is greatly appreciated!)

    Wishing your spring has more green than white-
    Ssmiley Ssmile

    It’s in my skin, it’s in me like energy
    It’s the sky in June, I feel it all around me
    It’s in the afternoon, it’s there everyday
    It’s under the moon, everywhere and you can’t escape

    We’re moving closer to the fire
    Come here come close and get higher
    Feel the music crawl into mind
    Come in come close let’s get high

    Let’s get, oh let’s high
    With your music, your music or mine
    Let’s get, oh let’s high
    Off of your music, your music or mine

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