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    2014 - 05.10

    May already. I have a hard time wrapping my head around how fast time moves and seems to get faster all the time. Summer is right around the corner, right on our fingertips but of course it feels like fall. I tell ya, Canada seems to have longer winters every year- I don’t know what happened to global warming. Tis a gorgeous day today though, even if it’s not hot out the sun sure makes the day.

    I have been working like a mad woman, have about 50 students and it’s almost the end of the teaching year so lots of prep work for their recital. We’ve also been working at planning a tour out to Toronoto/Montreal. It’s been far more challenging than expected but it will be completely worth it to play out there. Even if we only book a couple gigs we’ll hit up every open mic possible and get ourselves out there. Really looking forward to touring life again. I quite enjoy being on the road, not having any steady place to be but constantly experiencing new things. I love meeting people at shows and I can’t wait to see parts of our country that I’ve never been too- especially in July- bring on the hot heat and sweat and humidity, that’s where I thrive!

    It’s gonna be a summer full of music! After we get back from T.O we will play around home for a bit and then head to the interior of B.C again to play a few shows and even do a houseboat show! Touring is like a working vacation. It certainly doesn’t feel like work for me, performing is where I feel the greatest. Hauling equipment around and navigating is the work but it’s an adventure :)

    It will truly be a new chapter in my life as well as I’ll be technically ‘homeless’ this summer ha! Just won’t have a permanent residence to pay bills and call home for the first time in my life, but we won’t be home long enough to warrant needing that. Plus I have lots of friends (and parents) that I can crash with if need be. Life will be a bit unpredictable for me in this new chapter, no set plan just riding the wave. This for me is not normal. I went from being very young with a mortgage and a long term relationship to being ‘independent’ for the first time. Now it is kind of scary to not have some of these things that I’ve always had but I’m not scared. I know now that I’m smart enough to figure out whatever life throws my way and that everything tends to work out one way or another.

    Really what could be better than playing music and enjoying the sunshine? Sounds kinda perfect to me

    Ssmiley Ssmile :D

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