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    2013 - 05.13

    Kayla Williams Biography

    Kayla’s music is fun and catchy but has a depth not usually seen in most pop music that gives it meaning and longevity. Her lyrics and melodies are immediately enjoyable and she has a remarkable consistency for delivering well-written,  memorable songs.  She effortlessly weaves harmonies and instrumentation to craft music that can speak to anyone.

    She draws her inspiration from oldies classics like the Beach Boys and Bee Gees.  Her reverence for Beach Boy leader, Brian Wilson, drove her to meticulously study his work while growing up.  As a result, her songs often have a flavour of days gone by.

    Kayla is from Red Deer, AB and also plays in the comedy duo “The Dirrty Show”. With this act she’s toured across Canada, parts of the U.S and Australia. She has her own YouTube channel that started up in 2009 and has proven to be massive in her musical journey. Through YouTube fans she ended up connecting and meeting her idol Brian Wilson himself in 2011 who watched some of her Beach Boys covers and said “you’ve got a great voice!”. This is when her heart stopped.
    She’s got a wonderful group of dedicated followers, some of which are now supporting her on Patreon, donating monthly to her weekly videos (which is now around 150 vids).

    There’s lots of exciting endeavors coming soon including playing more locally and recording in studio some of her catchy original songs. Stay tuned for lots more!

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