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Kayla Williams | March 22, 2021

Hello friends near and far ❤️

Happy Spring! I get so excited this time of the year to feel warmth in the sun again, seemingly instant longer hours of daylight and snow melting to reveal that summer grass was hiding the whole time and is ready to get green again. I’m just coming off a weekend of refreshing company, outdoor firepit hangs with good people and a fulfilling dose of socializing which is not as consistent these days as it once was. Starting another week and my focus is pulled in many directions.

I’m currently coaching online voice/piano lessons during the week as well as learning more about recording which is an endless subject. I’m getting one on one help from my good friend and recording engineer as I create some demos for a future EP. I’m also looking into voice over work, I figure I’ve got all the equipment, editing skills and voice chops/acting that this may be another supplemental income so I’m learning more about that, another huge industry really (if you know anything about it let me know!). I’m also creating content for YouTube, making more songs and also a new exciting series ‘UNCOVERED’- which a few people thought would be me singing naked hahahaa we haven’t come to that point just yet. This series will be featured on YouTube but many more will be on my Patreon! I will be un-covering my cover songs, showing you chord progressions, how I learned the songs, tidbits about the song, how to play different parts, breaking down the harmonies and more! This is super exciting and was inspired by a comment on a recent YouTube video and I thought, hell yes! It would be so fun to share how I’m learning and creating the songs!

If you want to join me on this fun adventure be sure to subcribe to my YouTube channel over here: and if you’re interested in learning even more and supporting me in making this content which I do for free, become a patron and I will be forever indebted

I appreciate every subscriber, comment, like and share. In this pandemic life with no live gigs where I live at the moment, it’s been tough to thrive so I’m thinking outside of the box to get more financial support as an indie artist and to gain and build a community because I already feel so much support and love on YouTube. I want to build a space where we can learn and enjoy music together!

Wishing you so much love and good health!

Ssmiley Ssmile 😊


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