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Kayla Williams | March 5, 2021

I sing for enjoyment everyday and it moves a lot of emotions from my body. I train my voice so I can perform for long set times and allow myself energy and freedom on stage. I study and am always searching knowledge so I can be a better coach and help others find their voice. Today I’m so excited to be taking a course with The Voiceover Summit and virtually learn all about this amazing and complex instrument, voice science baby! Then tomorrow I’m so grateful to have a real life performance with SkirtsAfire in Edmonton. Check out ‘The Key of Me’ to see a ton of amazing songwriters throughout the duration of the reimagined festival!

As a vocal coach, I pride myself on being someone who’s always excited to learn more and bring the newest techniques to lessons with my students. You can take lessons with me and I help you find your authentic voice using some wild and wacky but proven methods. Just check out the coaching section of my website for more information!
Here are two things you should try today: SING! Sing anything that makes you feel good, it will quite literally affect your nervous system and make you feel better. Also if you wanna get weird, try some vocal slide! Just sliding your voice from the highest to lowest points of your range is such a good stretch to find freedom in your voice. Sigh like an AHHH from high to low and try an owly OOOh from low to high!

Just a couple simple things that will also do so much good for your voice and your soul! I hope you sing today ✨ I guarantee you’ll feel good!

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