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    2015 - 08.05

    Hey folks!

    Just to preface this post, I just wrote an entire huge post here and then I f-ed up and lost it all (HA!) makes a person wanna go crazy!
    So here I go again let’s see if I can remember what I just wrote LOL

    I apologize for the lack of blogging, clearly lots has happened since the last post.

    I am back from Australia after an amazing half a year. Due to my financial situation as well as it getting bitterly cold we decided to return home, among other reasons. It was a true growing experience. I learned a lot about myself, I may have had two very good friends there with me but I was very much alone for the first time in my life. I discovered a part of myself I had sort of lost in the shuffle of life. A part of myself that resonated with my 17 year old self who very much lived life to the fullest, had a lot of focus and drive for music. Not that I haven’t had passion for music through these years but I definitely put it on the back burner in some respects following a love that fell apart. So on this journey half way around the world I found I still had so much love for music and rediscovered it.
    While in Australia my comedy band probably played around 80 shows in a very short time trying to network and get our foot in the door. It paid off as we ended up getting into the Melbourne International Comedy Festival! Not our own show but still a solid opportunity!
    Once home we played for a month straight getting paid gigs again (which didn’t exist often down under). We then took a much deserved break from the show and each other for July and spent time with our families. I went on a road trip- Griswald style- with my mom, dad & brother. We drove down to Idaho, Washington and back through British Columbia and had the time of our lives. My family and I have cry-laughing sessions with each other, no wonder I have the sense of humour that I do :)

    I’m so happy to be home surrounded by the endless support of my family and amazing love of our friends. We made some lifelong friends in Australia, but the fact that we have a community of 70-100 very good friends who would do anything for us is frankly unbelievable and hard to find.

    Since I’ve returned I’ve been jamming with a good friend on some of my own originals and covers (of course including Beach Boys) that I can’t wait to perform! I’ve also been writing a lot of new songs and recording again which is one of the greatest pleasures for me. Music provides a high in life like very few things can. When I find new song that gives me shivers, I latch on and can listen to it on repeat for months (sometimes for years!). One of these songs happens to be “Aquaman” by Walk The Moon. I found this song back in December when it came on my friends iPod and I fell in deep! The only thing I can do when that happens is make a cover of my own :)

    Enjoy and I promise to post more often (even though I always say that!).
    Whoever you are reading this, thank you! Your support means more than you know <3

    Ssmiley Ssmile :D

    3 Responses to “Summer after Summer”

    1. Scott Anderson says:


      While I was listening to a Beach Boys song last night – it felt very reviving and fresh, as if I had never heard it before. Then, when I played that song again today. After celebrating my Thanksgiving with my family yesterday, hearing “It’s OK” by the Beach Boys warmed my heart … Even though it’s wintertime and we just had our first snow fall of the season. Haha. There is beautiful winter scenery in front me and I can only help but smile.

      You see, the soothing harmonies of the Beach Boys were actually my first memory in this life. What’s so interesting about that? Well… I’m going on 24 this next summer. Let me say that it is very cool to see that there are other people out there that are my age – and appreciate their music like you and I do. I came across your cover of “Its Ok” by the Beach Boys. You’ve got a very appealing voice and presentation! You have been blessed with a gift – so thank you for sharing it with others – because it brings good cheer.

      Keep up the good work! I look forward to hearing more Beach Boys covers from you. God bless.

      Best Regards,


      • Kayla says:

        That’s so awesome Scott and well written!

        Listening to Beach Boys music are some of my earliest memories as well. My dad used to dance with me to “Surfer Girl” when I was really small. Then when I was about 15 I fell into their music with a passion- I remember when I found Pet Sounds and was basically walking around the house weeping because it was so beautiful. My mom tried to ban me from listening to them for a while because I was so emotional haha She thought I would grow out of it, little did we both know years later I would meet Brian Wilson because of my YouTube covers! When you love the Beach Boys it’s for life!

        I recorded “It’s OK” a few years ago, I would do it a little differently now but I still like the nature of it :)

        I’ve got 20 something BB’s covers on YouTube, so please check them out!
        Thanks for listening and writing Scott!

        Ssmiley Ssmile :)

    2. eppix says:

      hi there, I came across your cover version of The Beach boys on youtube today, and would very much like to use your cover song in one of my you tube videos. my videos are of gaming montages and due to copy right laws I am restricted from using The beach boys, wouldn’t it be nice in my video. its a shame because the song goes well with my video and completes it in a comical way. you will obviously be named at the end of my video. in return you may well get more subscribers to your channel. please note that I’m not trying to make any mockery of you or your talent in any way if you wish I can post you a copy that I tried uploading to you tube before it was taken off the site. please get in touch with me at the given email address. I look forward t hearing from you,
      kind regards Darrell.

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